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asia_phix's Journal

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Graphics, pics/caps/scans, fics about favourite Asian entertainers.

We all start somewhere. I've gotten better in my graphics than I was years ago, but a few places still harshly criticized my work so I decided to create a community where anyone can post graphics about Asian entertainers that they love. No matter if you're a beginner or expert!

This is also the place to post fics whether they are boy/boy love, boy/girl love, or girl/girl love because it's really nice to have variety to choose from!

You can post fics, graphics, pics, scans, caps, media, interviews, news, or just chat!


Okay, all communities need some rules. These are very simple so don't worry. XD

1- Be kind. Nothing hurts worse than to be harshly criticized about something you spent a long time working on and want to share. If the creator asks for criticism then please be considerate with it. Not everyone is an expert. We all had to start somewhere. Encouragement can help someone to continue to create and get increase their talent.

2- If you don't like a specific entertainer or genre of fic (you like boy/boy, but not girl/girl) then please do not go to that post and then insult or complain. So everyone please clearly label your posts with the content and entertainer, and then put the bulk of it behind a cut. If you're unsure how to make an lj cut then check out the post on how to do so. Also, please tag your posts for future reference! XD

3- If you wanted to contribute with tutorials then please do so! So if you know how to make animated gifs please go ahead and post how 'cause I know some people would love to know how to do it! (me included *blush*) Tag your post appropriately for future reference. If your tutorial includes links to programs that would help then go ahead and post them!

4- Always give credit where it's due. It's the nice thing to do. I know I'm horrible for remembering where specific Photoshop brushes came from. If you can't remember specifically at least make an effort of saying something like, "I can't remember where I got the brushes from, but I'd like to credit the creator. And if you know where they're from let me know and I'll add it here!" XD

5- Please do not take anyone else's creations outside of the community without their permission, and if you do use them elsewhere again credit them.

6- Please friend lock anything that has adult content, and all media posts (videos, mp3s) or anything else you don't want shared publicly.

7- asia_phix is proud to report that we got permission from miracle_13oys to post their subbed projects here. They're also looking for people who can translate Korean and Chinese. If you're interested email: miracle13oysfs@gmail.com and let them know. I know if I could speak those two languages I'd do it in a heartbeat!

Your mod:
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Want to affiliate with us? Drop me a message.
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

BTW... *blush* "I can't remember where I got the Photoshop brushes from that I used on the graphics for the community, but I'd like to credit the creator. And if you know where they're from let me know and I'll add it here!"