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18 June 2008 @ 02:06 pm
Rules for posting fics  

Not many rules, really. Just a few. Below is how it should look. This is taken from my journal from some of my fics. Make certain you put a rating, and the genre (boy/boy, etc...) clearly on there so nobody can say, "I didn't know..." and get upset. XD

The Subject line can have the information of title, and if it's a oneshot or part ? of ? parts.

After the basic information as below and any banner to represent the fic, if you have any, put the fic part under an lj cut. Don't know how to do one? Easy...

In the quotation marks you can put a simple line that will be the link to the fic part. Something like, "Part 1 here!" or "This way to read!" etc...


Title: Ai Nante
Pairing: Tegoshi/OC (boy/girl)
Rating: R and up
Summary: Tegoshi reminisces about the time when he really felt like he’d become an adult. (Takes place during the Christmas Holidays and afterwards)
Warning: Sexual matter, language, and even some violence.
Disclaimers: Not true at all. I know none of them, and this never happened. It’s for my entertainment only.
Note: I fell in love with the song Ai Nante off the new Pacific album. And with Tegoshi’s birthday the idea came to me. It’s het, as well. Somehow the story felt right. Hope you like it. Comments welcome and needed so I can write more! lol


Title: Koi Yake
Author: SujiChan
Pairing: Akira/OC (boy/girl)
Rating: from G to R depending on the chapter
Disclaimer: I only own the OC, the rest is not mine. Fic created for entertainment purposes only, and no money is made off it.
Summary: Kiritani Shuji’s whole life is turned upside down once more when his father announces he’s marrying, and the woman he’s marrying has three children! If that’s not bad enough he and the oldest, a girl his own age, can’t get along, and she seems to have befriended the most irritating person in school, Kusano Akira!
Note: In Nobuta wo produce Shuji’s mother is not on the plane that crashed, but this was based on a dream I’d had, and his mother had been on the plane. Also in the dream it had taken place a year earlier so that the present time from the dorama is when he finds out his family is going to get much larger.

Any questions ask away as a comment here!
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